Shasta Williams 


Shasta played Division I basketball at Troy University, where she suffered a knee and back injury that never quite completely healed.  Shortly after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles where a friend told her about the healing benefits of Pilates, and it was then that her entire perspective on exercise and strengthening changed.  She began practicing regularly and became stronger and more balanced than she had ever been while being a competitive athlete.  While there, she worked in entertainment management for 7 years, then decided that the corporate world wasn’t the path for her and that she wanted to focus on getting back into health and athletics.  Since then, she has become a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has recently completed her certification in Pilates through Balanced Body.  Her hope is that she’s able to bring a little bit of a new perspective to Pilates for people that might be afraid to try it out- not all people that practice are graceful, petite dancers.  Standing at 6’2, she wants people to know that Pilates can really benefit anyone, of any age or body type to gain strength and to become leaner and more balanced.

Shasta and her husband moved to Nashville in 2013 with their two dogs, a Frenchie mix and a rescue mutt.  In her free time, her absolute favorite thing to do is to see live music.  She also loves new restaurants, hanging with friends, working out, watching sports, and the occasional guilty pleasure Netflix marathon.

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