Mysti Meese


Mysti Meese started taking Pilates at the age of eight. Being the daughter in a family of avid cyclists, she loves biking but quickly develop tight hamstrings that gave her knee pain at a young age. She was then introduced into Pilates by her mother, who started to have Mysti take classes with her to improve flexibility, strength, and alignment. Mysti instantly fell in love with Pilates through classes under Cody Welch and Michelle Tyler Heines. She grew up knowing that applying the Pilates principles through constantly working to balance out muscles groups, strengthen core, and perfect alignment aids in every form of fitness.

Mysti believes adding Pilates into any fitness regiment will help to keep one safe from injury and maximize optimal body results. She became a Pilates instructor though Balanced Body, training under Master instructor David Gensheimer. She is a PMA certified Pilates Instructor. Mysti is a native Texan that graduated from Belmont University with a Public Relations degree in a minor in Education. She went on to work in the music industry for a few years before wanting to add a positive healthy balance to her lifestyle and to help others find that balance through Pilates.


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