Pilates Equipment Group Classes: 

Equipment classes make use of various pieces of equipment. The main piece of equipment used is the reformer—a machine that uses a series of springs and pulleys to take you through a full-body workout. You will work on strengthening the stabilizing muscles of your pelvis and spine, not to mention your abs. Other pieces of equipment used include the chair and jumpboard.

Whether you are brand new to Pilates or a pro, you can find an equipment class that fits the level of difficulty you’re looking for. Look for classes labeled “beginner” if you’re just starting out. Classes labeled “Intermediate” or “Advanced” are more difficult and require a consistent focus and strong coordination, balance, and control skills, as well as abdominal strength, as you transition from one machine to another at a rapid pace.

Group Class Pricing

New Client Special: 

$150 for unlimited classes for 1 month 

*in studio only

Simply Balanced Membership:

 $175 a month for unlimited classes

4 Class Pack Membership:

 $50 for 4 classes a month

*Memberships are located on the online store under the “Contracts” tab on the top right

Single Class- $25

10 Pack- $225

20 Pack- $425

Pilates Equipment Private Classes:

This very personalized approach is great if you are new to Pilates, don’t feel comfortable in group classes, or have specific body issues (i.e. post knee surgery, disc bulge/herniation, rotator cuff injury, pregnant or post-pregant). This one-on-one class also offers a greater variety of equipment options as well as individual attention from the instructor. Private classes must be booked in advance and require pre-payment.


Private Class Pricing

Single Session- $75

Single Session w/David- $100

10 Pack- $675

20 Pack- $1275

Duet/Trio Session:

This semi-private class allows you to receive the individual attention of a private lesson with the added benefits of sharing the session with a friend or two! Both duets and trios must be booked in advance and require pre-payment from each participant.

Single Duet- $55/person

10 Pack Duet- $495/person

20 Pack Duet- $935/person

Single Trio- $45/person

10 Pack Trio- $405/person

20 Pack Trio- $765/person

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